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Boyee (Shenzhen) Industrial  Technology Co., Ltd

Boyee (Shenzhen) Industrial  Technology Co., Ltd

Stand: C35F

Boyee (Shenzhen) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2004, was the first high-tech enterprise engaged in wet grinding and dispersing technology in China. It has three manufacture bases, covering a total area of 45,000 square meters. From its establishment, the company has been sticking to a development way with industry, university and research institutions combined and maintained close cooperation with a number of universities and science research institutes, along with a broad scale of investment in R&D. 

Boyee equipment and design of production line have been adopted by customers of many different fields, such as Nano, car painting, cosmetic, medicament, inkjet ink, new energy resources, pigment and dyestuff, ceramic, car charging, battery, electronic accessories and etc.

Development processes of company

1. In 2004: Shenzhen Boyee Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd was established

2. In 2007: successfully designed and developed the full ceramic–structured turbine bead mill in china and applied for appearance design and technology patents meanwhile

3. In 2008: become a qualified supplier of BYD for nano grinding and dispersing equipment for lithium iron phosphate cathode battery raw material

4. In 2009: BYZr Series bead mills were applied to ceramic inject area, breaking the decade’s monopoly of foreign enterprise; in the same year, Boyee started a partnership with Cnano and become its only supplier of dispersing equipment for carbon nanotube conductive agent

5. In 2010: entered into a strategic partnership agreement with BTR and become the earliest participant of nano grinding and dispersing equipment manufacturer for silicon–carbon anode material in china.

6. In 2011: successfully designed and developed the first domestic dual-powered centrifugal turbine bead mill, which solves the problem of difficult separation of 0.2-0.015mm beads in mass production

7. In 2013: passed the audit of ISO9001 

8. In 2014: awarded as a Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise

9. In 2015: awarded as a National High-tech Enterprise 

Building 7, Xiaweishui Industrial Zone, Hongqiaoto
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